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Keihin, Lectron and SmartCarb Comparison | News

Factory Sherco Enduro rider Cody Webb tested Keihin, Lectron and SmartCarb options in his Sherco 300 SE Factory and in this video he discusses how they compare.

Cody’s comments for the video;

CORRECTION *****Made a mistake when talking about how to adjust metering rod on Lectron. You push up on the rod to twist it so curved side is in correct position. You only need to twist the rod without pushing up to richen/lean. I winged the video and am ashamed I messed it up.*****
***** William Edmonston invented the metering rod carb concept that includes the Lectron and ended with the AFT carb. But Corey Dyess at SmartCarb authored and holds the patents for the SmartCarb; metering rod, Venturi algorithmic prediction, clicker adjuster and tip over valves. These tip over valves prevent any fuel leaking out of the carburetor.*****

Being on the FactoryOne Sherco Team, I had the opportunity to try out multiple options for carburetors on my 300 two stroke. I was fortunate enough to have both Lectron and SmartCarb reach out to me to test their setups. Each carburetor is different in their own ways, but still bring a smile to my face while riding the bike. I’m not going to declare a winner since this is only a comparison of my personal experience testing each one. I blabber on and on for a bit and I’m not an expert by any means, but just wanted to share my experience since I know there is a lot of negative information out there on the Lectron and SmartCarb. I was given these two carburetors, but was not compensated in any other way. Just wanted to share my feedback.