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MXstore MX Nationals calendar update | News

The MXstore MX Nationals has released a tentative schedule for this year's series, which is now expected to begin at Connondale, Qld on August 9.

The series was postponed from its initial start date in April due to Government Restrictions on events and interstate travel following the Coronavirus outbreak.

See the suggested series schedule below. Please note, these dates could change over the coming weeks if government-imposed restrictions are extended.

Round 1: Conondale QLD August 9th

Round 2/3: Maitland NSW August 15th /16th

Round 4: Newry Vic September 6th

Round 5/6: Horsham Vic September 12th/13th

Round 7: Gympie QLD October 4th

Round 8/9: Coolum QLD October 10th/11th

The original MX Nationals calendar for this year also featured nine rounds run over six weekends but the series spread out over four months. The new calendar still sees nine rounds run over six weekends but all the racing is now squeezed into two months.

Kevin Williams from the series promoter, WEM, has commented on the release of the new calendar.

“ It is important that everyone understands that the new calendar is a projected series schedule with the current information that we have available to us. We are seeing positive information on the slow down of this outbreak and we can begin to anticipate what a return to some normality in life looks like. Following the ease of restrictions will be the projected return to sporting events and ultimately a time for us to go racing. We are putting our best foot forward to give everyone the most time to prepare, including the riders, teams and hosting clubs. The major hurdles that will disrupt the projected start of the series in August will be the Government not lifting the interstate travel ban and a continued restriction on the number of people allowed to attend outdoor events. We have continually stated that WEM is committed to delivering a full nine round series in 2020 and this is still our goal, as always we will keep everyone updated with the relevant information as soon as it becomes available.”