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Ken Roczen Injury Update | Latest

Ken Roczen has updated his fans on the status of his injuries from that huge Anaheim 2 crash.

Early reports confirmed Roczen had suffered a compound fracture to his left forearm. Now two days after the crash the German rider has confirmed the extent of his injuries and they are worse than we first thought.

Dislocated wrist
Dislocated elbow
Compounded radius

Roczen has said the injuries will require a number of surgeries.

We will keep you up to date as new information is made available.

Dislocated wrist, dislocated elbow and compounded radius. The first 30h absolutely sucked as none of the pain killers worked and it was really swollen. Gonna need few surgeries to get all this dialed. 🔴 I have gotten so many messages and was so pleased to read all of them. I didn’t message back as the circumstances right now are just a bit gnarly and it would probably take me a day to reply lol. Just know i saw them! Love all you! Gonna need a few days for further info.

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