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Leatt C-Frame knee braces Product Eval | Back End | Product Evaluations

After the huge success of their neck braces, Leatt has moved into the knee brace market and has again taken a unique approach to the design of their product.


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Rather than relying on years of development from other brands, Leatt have come up with a new design called the C-frame brace.

Leatt C-Frame knee braces

The race has one solid brace on the lateral aspect of the knee, rather than one on each side. This design is aimed at improving comfort without sacrificing protection. The C-frame has a good range of adjustment and after playing around for a while I was able to find a comfortable fit that also allows a good range of movement.

Leatt C-Frame knee braces

We’ll be testing these new braces over the next few months to both see how they perform and how they hold up to the punishment.

Leatt C-Frame knee braces

Make sure you grab a copy of the 2015 May issue (#428) of ADB for the full Prod Eval.