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Jax can now get his feet easily on the ground on the Torrot Motocross One long term test bike after fitting a trials seat.

Jax has absolutely loved living with the Torrot Motocross One long term test bike and honestly, as his Dad, so have I. Not having to constantly repair and work on a combustion bike has been so refreshing. Not only that, but Jax can ride anywhere, anytime, without pissing anyone off. In fact when the weather warms up a little I want to try take him to a park in suburbia, at 10pm, and see if anyone comes running out waving a broom!

We’ve loved the way you can customise the power for any application on the Torrot Motocross One long term test bike. We’ve also had some success lowering the seat to suit Jax’s inseam length which at three and a half years old isn’t long enough to stand over the seat on his toes. We wound the shock collar all the way down and pushed the fork through the clamp about 20mm. When Jax is seated on the bike and using his weight to compress the shock and fork he can now lean to the side and get one foot on the ground but that’s the best we can do.

Then a fellow Torrot user suggested I order the trials seat that comes on the Trial model as it’s lower by 100mm! So I ordered it and after some stuffing around I got it to fit, bingo! Jax can now get his feet on the ground on the Torrot Motocross One long term test bike. He can now stand with his heels touching the ground and his crotch off the seat.

The benefit of this is that he no longer has to find me when he wants to stop. It was getting tiring chasing him around the paddock so he could get off the bike. He’d learnt to hop off one side but if the ground was uneven or he was off balance as he came to stop and leant to the side that was lower, the bike would fall on him and he’d be stuck. This is also worth talking about as he’s had a fair few crashes but we can do that next issue.

The only downside to the trials seat is that it is hard plastic so he can’t really sit down comfortably which he likes to do. It’s also a little slippery but that’s not an issue as it is pretty scalloped out so he doesn’t slide off the back anyway. I’m going to look at adding at least 20mm of foam to help with padding which shouldn’t affect the height too much.

The other benefit of the hard seat is that Jax is now forced to stand up which I guess is a good thing!

Mitch Lees