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Mitch chats to his son Jaxon about what he likes and doesn't like from the O'Neal Kids Riding Gear he's been running.

Since my son Jaxon got into riding, I’ve accepted that most of my money will now be spent buying him riding gear as he seems to outgrow  it every three months. So I’ve decided to opt for some more affordable brands like O’Neal. Back in April I bought him this O’Neal Kids Riding Gear and he is somehow still able to fit into it. He loves the gear and it’s been good to him… and my back pocket.


COLOURS The flouro yellow colourway of his O’Neal Element Attack riding gear is always easy to spot in a crowd of riders or when he’s wandering through the bush on his electric bike and I can’t hear him.

DESIGN The dinosaurs on the O’Neal 1 Series Rex helmet are his favourite!

DURABLE The O’Neal kids’ boots are seriously tough and he hardly looks like he’s worn them.

COMFORT Aside from getting the helmet on and off, Jax never complains about it rubbing on his hears or cheeks.

SAFETY Jax has had some pretty big crashes and his head has been fine the 1 Series Rex helmet and the padding on the elbows of his jersey and the leather on the knees of his pants are good at keeping him safe.


HELMET VISOR The little plastic bracket at the top of the helmet visor snapped in a crash so the visor drops down a little now if I don’t tighten the side screws for the visor.

FEEL The O’Neal boots provide excellent safety but they’re a little heavy and a little rigid. He needs to break them down a little more.

HEARING One of the most important things as a parent is being able to yell at your kid when they’re riding to get them to stop. Jax either has an ear problem or the helmet stops him from hearing properly… or maybe he’s deliberately ignoring me.


This gear has been incredibly durable. Aside from the top bracket on the helmet peak breaking nothing even looks like it’s worn. It’s all very comfortable and while the boots are a touch chunky and he can’t hear me through the helmet, the gear has kept him incredibly safe.

Mitch Lees



Boots $169.95

Helmet $119.95

Jersey/Pants $29.95/$109.95



(02) 8882 1900