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READER RIDE | 2022 BETA RR 300 | Reader's Ride

ADB Reader Josh Evans, showed us how reliable his 2022 Beta RR 300 has been and why he decided to buy one.

WHAT IS IT? 2022 Beta RR 300

WHO? Josh Evans

WHERE DID YOU BUY IT? Off Beta Australia after testing one

HOW MUCH? Can’t say!


I started riding my sons X-Trainer and loved how manoeuvrable it was through rough terrain. When my youngest son entered some hard enduros, I was a sweep on the X-Trainer and fell in love with the difficulty of Hard Enduro. At my age the slower pace seems a lot safer and way more fun! I then rode all four Beta 300’s and it was obvious the 2022 Beta RR 300 was most suited to me.


Manly just protection stuff so a P-Tech pipe guard and bashplate that covers the linkage as well. It’s all one unit. It has wrap around handguards on it and a set of radiator braces and guards. I put some Tugger grab handles on and an Acerbis plastic swingarm cover. I put a 13-tooth sprocket on the front then after a year went from a 48-tooth to a 50-tooth rear sprocket. Both were from Ballards.

I took off the Pirelli Scorpion Mid-Soft tyres on the back and replaced them with Shinko Cheater tyres. I went with a 525 on the back and a 216 on the front. They’re gummy tyres. The front is a Fatty tyre, 100/100 and most people don’t like it but I don’t mind it.

I also run ultra-heavy duty tubes covered in grease so they can slide around a bit to prevent punctures. I run 8-10 PSI in the tyres. I haven’t needed to do any suspension or engine work.



Because I’m a punter who just rides weekends, I originally left it in Rain mode to get around but after reading ADB I was convinced to run it in the sun mode but ride a gear taller. Now I have found in second gear in tough stuff it is much smoother on the throttle. I know the standard ZF suspension is too soft for me and I need firmer springs up front but I’ll wait until I’ve finished renovating my house for that! The suspension is soft but plush for trailriding.


Definitely. This bike has been so reliable. All I’ve done is wash it and occasionally clean the air filter. I’ve kept my gearbox servicing up to date and I lube the chain and that’s all it needs.

I’ve had no problems with the oil pump, I’ve seen gaps in the line with no oil that have been an inch long but I just revved it until they went away and have had no issues. It’s been bulletproof.

For the full feature, check out issue #532 of ADB.