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Back End | Reader's Ride
Back End / Reader's Ride
22 September 2017

2017 Honda CRF450R: The Desert Weapon

ADB Tech Editor Mat Boyd has been clocking up the race hours lately and recently conquered the Sporties 12hr desert race in Alice Springs.

08 June 2017

Ivan Long’s Husqvarna FE450

We take a look at Ivan Long's Husqvarna FE450 desert weapon.

Back End / Reader's Ride
28 April 2017

Kawasaki KX450F Snow Bike

I saw a video clip on YouTube of guys using the Timbersleds in the U.S. It looked like so much fun.

Back End / Reader's Ride
13 April 2017


We take a look at the 1984 BMW R80G/S Paris-Dakar that belongs to ADB Reader Henri Grawe.

Back End / Reader's Ride
24 March 2017

Suzuki RM-Z450 with CR500 Engine

We take a look at Mick Hansen's Suzuki RM-Z450 powered by a CR500 engine!

Back End / Reader's Ride
28 February 2017

Montesa 4RT 260

Two-stroke trials bikes are all the rage so we take a look at something different. A four-stroke 260 from Montesa, which belongs to ADB reader Glen Curry.

Back End / Reader's Ride
27 January 2017

1997 Suzuki RM250

See what ADB reader, Dominic Grasso has done to his old trusty 1997 Suzuki RM250.

Back End / Reader's Ride
24 January 2017

1989 Honda CR500

We take a look at the 1989 Honda CR500 that belongs to ADB reader Chris Saurin.

Back End / Reader's Ride
30 September 2016

Husaberg TE300

We talk to ADB reader Warrick Fraser about his Husaberg TE300.

Back End / Reader's Ride
30 July 2016

1996 SUZUKI DR650

ADB reader Chris Ashton shows us his 1996 Suzuki DR650.

Back End / Reader's Ride
16 July 2016


The 2009 Husqvarna TE510 of ADB reader Peter McWilliams.

Back End / Reader's Ride
11 July 2016

2008 Yamaha WR250F

We take a look at the 2008 Yamaha WR250F of ADB reader James Tompsett.