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Shift Whit3 boots review | Product Evaluations

When Shift announced it was bringing out a motocross boot to match the awesome designs of its riding gear, the dirtbike world lit up.

The reality of the Shift Whit3 was a little different as, when the boots finally landed, it became clear that they weren’t designed or priced to take on the best in the business, but were for budget-conscious riders.


LIGHT WEIGHT: When you first lift the boots out of the box you’ll notice they’re super light. I have done around 25 hours riding and walking in them and my legs always feel fresh and ready to ride.

COMFORT: Despite traipsing around rough-as-guts pits, trails, rocks and tree roots, the boots have kept their shape. They feel very comfortable even without inner booties. They’d win a Le Mans start any day because they’re so comfortable. They feel like you’re wearing Ugg boots!

GREAT SOLE: The sole is moulded smoothly to the boot, which reduces the chances of it catching sticks, roots and nasty trash on the trail.
MATCHING COLOUR: Shift has made new colourways to suit its latest gear range.

STRAPS: Shift uses a rubber-band-type top buckle and I had my doubts about that lasting. I was proved wrong. It’s held up well and the strap hasn’t even stretched. I’m not sure why they went with this design but it is a conversation starter in the pits.


ANKLE SUPPORT: The only down side is the lack of ankle support. If you have glass ankles, you may have to look for boots that offer more rigid ankle support.

SWEATY FEET: They do get a tad hot, but I do wear very thick socks.

The Whit3 boots are very versatile. I rode through mud and water and they didn’t get wet inside. They offer plenty of feel, especially for changing gear and controlling the rear brake (perfect for 12 o’clock wheelies).

The boots are great for the price but people with weak ankles may need to find a set of boots with more ankle support. The plus side is that I reckon I lowered the Guinness World Record for putting on motocross boots (I actually timed it, it took 4.8 seconds per foot). POW!

I think the whole idea of leaving white boots behind and moving to colours is rad. I hated having white boots as they turned yellow within a few rides and that meant endless scrubbing. It seemed like a ridiculous trend, but if Jeremy McGrath rocked them, then why not?
Wes Mills

Bill: $299.95