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We test a 2023 GASGAS with all the fruit from he official GASGAS Technical Accessories catalogue. Here's what we rate.

Every wondered what a bike fitted with everything from the GASGAS Technical Accessories Catalogue would be like to ride? Well we were curious so we rode a GASGAS with all the fruit.

The chassis starts off being fitted with a set of WP XPLOR PRO 6500 cartridges in the front fork with 4.4N/m fork springs. Then these are bolted into a set of WP Factory Racing triple clamps and paired with a WP XACT Pro rear shock. While this only takes up a short amount on the list of parts fitted on this bike they are also the bulk of what transforms this bike into such a weapon and also chews the most amount of dollars.

Unfortunately the standard suspension on the EC 350F lets the bike down. The soft, bouncy suspension means the bike can only be ridden at trail riding speed before the suspension gives in and becomes too soft to handle. In all honesty it’s the fork causing most of the problem.

When comparing the rear shock to the fork, the shock is perfectly fine. That is however until you fit 6500 cartridges with the XACT Pro shock and realise the full potential of this bike. The fork changes the overall feeling of the bike so much for the better that it can’t be believed until you feel the difference for yourself.

While I don’t have too much negative to say about the standard shock, the XACT Pro shock is also drastically improved. It is actually quite surprising to see rocks and roots coming up that you are expecting to kick your back end out to only end up not feeling them at all. The WP Factory Racing Triple clamps not only look trick but are also more solid and stop any deflection making the front end very stable over uneven terrain like rock gardens or tree roots.

The Engine

Internally the engine is a standard EC 350F but on the outside the pipe is replaced with an FMF Megabomb header pipe and a FMF 4.1 silencer. The bike is also fitted with a map switch and a thermo fan straight out of the Powerparts catalogue. The pipe wakes up the engine and makes it much more responsive. The power with the FMF exhaust system is not just stronger off the bottom but also stronger right through the entire rev range.

The map switch allows you to switch between maps as well as select traction control which is not possible on the EC 350F from standard. The thermo fan is a good addition for anyone who is attacking the single trails. Often we get caught up on slow trails or stuck on a hill climb and without air flowing through the radiator fins the bike will boil the radiator fluid and dump it out the overflow very quickly. The thermo fan will come on once the engine reaches a certain temperature to stop it from boiling the fluid and preventing any engine damage from overheating.

Also on the engine driveline side is a Renthal rear sprocket and DID ERT3 chain. While these don’t necessarily improve any performance they are very durable products that look pretty cool fitted to the bike.


Cosmetically the bike starts with a red plastics kit and red hand guards. The red plastics add a cool look while the frame guards protect the frame from being scratched up from your boots. Then there is a LED head light fitted and a Guts Factory seat cover on a lowered seat. The LED head light is much more durable and the lowered seat makes the seat height lower to the ground making it easier to get your feet to the ground in tricky situations.

The Guts seat cover looks factory and keeps your backside stuck to the seat. Lastly on the cosmetic side is a set of IMS Core foot pegs. These things are tough as and keep your feet stuck in place really well due to the super grippy teeth on them. To finish of the cosmetic side is a set of Factory wheels that are stronger than the originals and look really cool in black.


An enduro bike can never go without protection so fitted up on the handlebars to protect your digits from any gum trees is a set of red wrap around hand guards. To protect the engine is a skid plate and a water pump protector. These precious parts need to be protected if you want to get through your ride without pushing your bike home.

While on the subject of precious parts, there is a set of radiator protectors fitted to prevent the radiators from being crushed or pierced. A leaking radiator can finish your ride off real fast so it’s important to look after these parts. Also fitted is a brake caliper support with guard to prevent any damage resulting in a loss of brakes.

Our Favourites

My personal favourite parts on this bike are the suspension and the exhaust system. Firstly the exhaust system really livens up the engine compared to the stock exhaust system. The power becomes much more responsive and the torque of the engine is drastically increased. It feels like this should be the exhaust on the bike from standard as you can carry higher gears and leave the clutch alone and just rely on the power from the engine to carry you through and across any obstacles.

Secondly the suspension drastically transforms this bike and allows the chassis to work just the way it was designed to. The front fork is very soft from standard and has a big tendency to dive under brakes or bottom out on any obstacles. Unfortunately adjusting the clickers does very little if anything to fix this problem.

Bolting in the WP 6500 cartridges makes the front end of the bike much more stable and predictable. There is no more diving under brakes or blowing through on obstacles. This fork together with the XACT Pro shock makes the bike ride likes it’s on rails. The wheel never steps out of line even when pounding into uneven tree roots.

This suspension really compliments the frame and allows the bike to handle just the way it was intended to before it was fitted with a below average fork from standard. Rather than diving in the front under brakes the entire bike squats pushing the wheels into the ground giving great feedback through the brakes. Even when pounding down rocky downhills which would have the standard suspension skipping all over the place. The 6500 cartridges and XACT Pro shock have the bike steady in a straight line the entire time.

What Would We Ditch?

Nearly every part on this bike serves a purpose so it is quite hard to go ditching any. The bike would ride the same if you lost the cosmetic stuff like foot pegs, wheels, headlight, plastics and chain and sprockets. You could even go and ditch the protection gear like handguards, frame guards, skid plate, radiator guards and water pump cover but I really believe these should be staple items on any enduro bike that’s being ridden hard. The day you smash a water pump on a rock or crush a radiator is the day you’ll wish you had those protectors fitted.

If I had to pick one part to get rid of it would be the lowered seat. I’m six feet tall so while the lower seat height didn’t really bother me, I’m also not someone that would really benefit from having it. The seat cover though, I’m keeping that. It keeps your backside nice and planted to the seat so you can give your hands a rest.


While this particular bike is a GASGAS it is important to note that there are Powerparts available for both the Husqvarna and KTM as well. Many of these parts will fit all three brands, not just the GASGAS. We were blown away with some of the parts on this bike and how it rode so let’s first go through the list of parts and then talk about what they do and how.

Part Number             Description                                        Retail Cost

18150T67SET          WP 8950 XACT PRO SHOCK:     $3,325.45

91410102S 4,4         N/MM Fork Springs:                        $210.00

0797C167U002220 WP 6500 Cartridge Kit:                   $1,785.00

A46001999021C1A WP Factory Racing Triple Clamp: $891.00

A46010951051C1    Renthal Sprocket:                            $113.50

25103094100FB      Red Frame Guards:                        $59.95

79035994000C1      Water Pump Protection Cover:      $64.85

79613975044FAA    Brake caliper support with guard: $274.95

79102979000AB      Plastic wrap around handguards: $105.55

A54003090644         Plastic Skid Plate:                            $138.05

79735941044           Radiator Fan Kit:                              $224.95

79635936044           Radiator Protectors:                        $79.65

A54014901044         Factory LED Headlight Kit:             $534.05

79039974144           Map Switch:                                      $160.75

7901090214430       Factory Rear Wheel 18′:                 $891.00

7900990114430       Factory Front Wheel 21′:                $728.75

A54007940200         Lowered Seat:                                  $241.90

A54007240010         Factory Seat Cover Guts:               $112.10

00010000348           Plastics Kit RED:                              $324.60

25105981003           FMF Factory 4.1 Silencer:              $975.00

25605907501           FMF Megabomb Header:               $809.93

Non Genuine Parts

IMS Core Footpegs:            $365.00

DID ERT 3 520 Chain:        $132.95

TOTAL: $12,548.93

For the full feature check out issue #531 of ADB.