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PRODUCT TEST | LEATT 6.5 VELOCITY GOGGLES #2 | Product Evaluations

After nine months running the Leatt 6.5 Velocity Goggles, we check in with ADB Ed Mitch Lees to see how they're going.

Goggles seem to cop more abuse than any other piece of equipment I own. They never end up back in their case and they’re often being whipped like a 12th century peasant by branches. However, the Leatt 6.5 Velocity Goggles just keep on going! They’re not cheap but they are loaded with quality components.


No fog I’ve ridden with these goggles for nearly a year and despite the rain or humidity they rarely fog up.

Comfortable The dual density face foam is very comfortable. They seem to form to my face well and just squeeze inside my Shots helmet. They did fit easily inside the Leatt helmet I used to run.

Vision The lens is hardened and even though I copped a million branches to the face they refused to crack or warp. They also have a quite a wild field of view and the outriggers don’t impede on what I’m looking at.


Tiny scratches The lens did get a bunch of tiny little hairline scratches in some areas that made vision a little distorted.

Dry eyes The only downside to well-ventilated goggles that don’t fog is that my eyes would sometimes get buffeted by the wind too much and dry out. This only happened when adventure riding on highway sections.


The Leatt 6.5 Velocity Goggles are a tough, comfortable piece of eyewear that refused to fog up. The tinted lens did get a little scuffed which made vision challenging at times and my eyes dried out a little on fast stretches because the foam is so well ventilated but for all other applications they were excellent.

Mitch Lees