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PRODUCT TEST | LEATT MTB GEAR #2 | Product Evaluations

ADB Editor Mitch Lees has been running the Leatt MTB gear for a year now so here's what he thinks.

A year ago I embarked on my journey into the world of pedal bikes in order to get fit for riding my dirtbike but also to hone my skills. I started out in a pair of old runners, gym shorts and a free ADB t-shirt but quickly learnt that would not cut it so I went out and grabbed a set of Leatt MTB gear.

I ended up getting the Trail 2.0 pants, Enduro 3.0 top, DBX 3.0 flat shoes, the All Mountain 2.0 helmet and the 3.0 Lite gloves and I’m loving this Leatt MTB gear.


Quality The quality of the ingredients that have gone into this delightful recipe are nothing but top-notch. Not only does it feel like I’m wearing silk but the fit is perfect. They use a stretch material that never restricts my movement. It all feels incredibly lightweight as well.

Durable Being a newbie to the world of pedal bikes I’ve had plenty of crashes and despite a few brown stains (from the crashes of course) nothing has ripped. Even brushing up against trees hasn’t torn the Enduro 3.0 Top.

Fit My getup fits really well and flexes where it needs to but the All Mountain 2.0 Helmet is the piece de resistance. It fits like a glove but also feels incredibly soft. I also love the Fidlock magnetic strap system and 360 Turbine Technology, like in a dirtbike helmet.

Sturdy The DBX 3.0 flat shoes are incredibly sturdy and they felt like I could tread on a landmine and not lose my foot. And despite being very tough, they were incredibly soft and comfortable inside.


Sweat I sweat like a gypsy with a mortgage and I found the long pants were a little hot for riding, even in winter in Sydney.

Stiff The DBX 3.0 shoes were great at protecting my feet but getting in and out of them was a mission as they do not flex much.


Leatt are renowned for producing high-end motorcycle gear and I can see that extends to their mountain bike range. It is incredibly comfortable, flexes where it should, offers impressive protection and makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!

Mitch Lees



Trail 2.0 pants – $229

Enduro 3.0 top – $99

3.0 Flat shoes – $199

All Mountain 2.0 helmet – $199

3.0 Lite gloves – $89