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Force Protection | Product Evaluations

We’ve been using Force gear for years and have never had any major issues. They’re a family owned and operated company based in Victoria.

RM-Z250 bashplate $195, radiator guards $203.95, engraved clutch cover $195, DR650 bashplate $204.60, Force Accessories,, (03) 8710 4141


PROTECTION: After dragging the Suzuki RM-Z250 over boulders and logs, the bashplate showed no signs of deformation and the frame rails were as good as new. The radiator guards are held on by a tough set of brackets.

AIR FLOW: Despite the radiator guards on the RM-Z looking impenetrable, the air flowed through it quite well and we never got a boil over.

LOOKS We opted for black Plascoat PPA finish over satin alloy and it looks great on the black and yellow Suzuki RM-Z250 and the DR650. Even after considerable adventure riding, the DR bashplate still looks good.

REMOVAL The bashplate hooks up on a frame cross member and then tightens via one bolt on the front of the RM-Z, or two on the DR. This makes removing the bashplate simple for cleaning and oil changes, when some fluid envitably ends up inside if you don’t take it off.

DURABLE The clutch cover on the RM-Z not only looks the part with the ADB insignia but the black anodising wore more slowly than the stuff on the stock cover.


COST Obviously you don’t need all of the protective gear we have tested, so start with the bashplate and then, when you’ve saved enough, look at the radiator guards. Suzuki is currently offering a good deal on rebranded Force bits with its DR650.

WEIGHT The bashplates weigh about 1.5kg and the radiator guards 1kg, which in total will be heavier than the stock ones, where fitted.

Editor Mitch Lees

Check out the full product evaluation in issue #441 of ADB Magazine.