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Scott 350 Pro Trophy Helmet | Product Evaluations

The Scott 350 Pro Trophy has a lightweight thermoplastic shell with what Scott calls Conehead Technology.

This is nothing to do with the shape of motocross rider’s head, but refers to the wave-like shape of the two, different-density foams inside the helmet which are designed to better dissipate an impact. Other features are a removable and washable liner and cheekpads, integrated intake and exhaust vents and an easy adjustable peak.

COMFORTABLE One thing that is a must for me is that a helmet is comfortable. I have worn helmets that have pushed on the back of my neck and caused headaches and other helmets that have moved around faster than a small child but the Scott 350 ticked the comfort box for me and is an easy helmet to wear.

LIGHT The 350 is light so you don’t feel a heavy load on your head the whole time.

VISION Some helmets can restrict your vision or only accept certain brands of goggles but I have had no such issues with the great Scott.

PROTECTIVE I think the Conehead design is quite a good idea and while I never took any great knocks to the head to fully test this feature, I took great comfort in knowing my head was protected by this feature.

Scott 350

LINER This is removeable and washable, which is great, but refitting it could be simpler. The press clips go in easily and are no issue but getting the front of the inner padding to clip into place can be a little fiddly.

ADJUSTERS The peak adjuster knobs are tough, but a little too tough, to the point where they can be difficult to undo with gloves on when you want to loosen or tighten the peak. They also tend to work themselves loose every so often.
Technical Editor Mat Boyd

I have no great complaints that would steer me away from these helmets. I will continue to use mine as I have enjoyed it thus fare. The design and construction are good and I trust that I am well protected. The fiddly liner can be difficult at times, especially when you are in a rush but I haven’t used to many helmets with a fool proof liner. The Scott 350 helmet is supporting a few stone chips and a few small marks but nothing of great damage and has stood up well for a helmet that has been put through the ringer. (Mat wasn’t supposed to put the whole helmet in the washing machine – Ed.)

See the fll prod eval in ADB issue #447

PRICE: $199.95