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Frequently asked questions Husqvarna | Back End

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Husqvarna dirtbikes

Husqvarna dirtbikes – WHITE questions

1. Seeing Double


What is the deal with all the new Husqvarnas? Why do they look like they are running KTM engines? Are they running the same engines or do they just look similar?
Yes, it is true. The Husqvarnas are running the same engines as the KTMs. They also have the same engine management systems and similar frames. This is due to KTM recently purchasing Husqvarna from BMW. Stefan Pierer of Pierer Industrie AG bought Husqvarna from BMW but Pierer is also a 51% owner of KTM. This is why there is so much KTM influence in the new Husqvarnas.

2. Plastic Subframes


Is the subframe on the Husqvarnas really plastic? Is this safe? How strong are they and will they break while you are riding or crashing?
Yes the subframe is plastic, like the old Husabergs, but it is actually much tougher than any normal plastic as it is an injection-molded polyamide composite. It incorporates the airbox as well as housing the battery and electrics. It is designed to absorb vibration, shocks and bend in a crash. It is solid enough to be bent in a crash and spring back into shape. Obviously it would be possible to break one, just as it is possible to break an aluminum one, but they are much stronger and more durable than you might think.

3. Husqvarna Slower?


I keep hearing that the Husqvarnas are slower than the KTMs. If they are all running the same engines then how can the Husqvarnas be slower? Do they have different ignitions or something?
The Husqvarna’s are known to have a smoother power delivery than the KTMs but they aren’t actually slower. They run the same engines and exactly the same ignition systems as well as fuel delivery systems, but the Husqvarna has a totally different airbox as it is incorporated into the subframe. This is the reason for the Husqvarna’s power delivery being smoother than the KTM’s.

4. Map Switch


Do the Husqvarnas come with a map switch? If so, how does it work and where is it located?
Yes the new Husqvarnas do come with a map switch mounted on the front brake master cylinder bracket. The switch has two positions which can be selected using the rider’s thumb to give a more aggressive and less aggressive power delivery. This switch is an accessory for KTMs.

5. What’s the Point?


If the Husqvarnas are using the same suspension and engine then aren’t they just a white, blue and yellow KTM?
The Husqvarnas are currently very similar to the KTMs but they are the company’s premium brand and the suspension on the FEs is better, with a linkage rear end and WP 4CS fork. Husky plastics are specific to Huskies, they cannot be mixed and matched. The fuel tanks look similar but there are enough differences to stop KTM radiator shrouds fitting. The Husqvarna uses a polyamide composite subframe instead of the KTM aluminium subframe so the airboxes and seat mounts are totally different as a result. The Husky uses DID DirtStar rims instead of Excels and all Huskies come fitted with handguards and map switches.On the cosmetic front, the handgrips are Husqvarna-branded, the rear sprockets are black, the sidecases are anodised a bronze colour and the rocker covers are powder-coated yellow.

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