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PIRELLI SCORPION MX32 MID/HARDS | Back End | Features | Product Evaluations

Pirelli has revamped its popular MX32 Mid/Hard tyres using feedback from MXGP and AMA riders.

There are larger knobs to increase the contact patch, improving grip and durability. Other new features are added casting depressions featuring the Scorpion mark, altered knob spacing and a revised tyre carcass radius.

It’s been several years since I’ve raced on a set of Pirellis so I jumped at the chance to fit a new set to the Suzuki RM-Z450 long term test bike to see how far the brand has come in the past seven years.

I always loved the grip I got from the old MX32s but struggled a little with their durability. I was getting loads of traction out of one race meet on a 450 rear on hard terrain and then throwing it away. I also seemed to pick up the odd puncture while I noticed the bead sometimes stretching so the tyre went out of shape.

A lot of people reading this aren’t going to believe me but fellow Novacastrians will know what I’m talking about. Our tracks are full of hardpack clay, rock, square-edged bumps and holes, all of which are a nightmare for tyres.

The new MX32 Mid/Hard compound tyres I have just fitted have a much more solid carcass and feel like a more durable tyre. Perfect!

The knobs look huge and well constructed but time will certainly tell. I’m going to run these tyres through their full life and let you know just how they fare.

Technical Editor Mat Boyd

BILL: From $119 rear, $95 front
BLOWER: (07) 3382 5000