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Cleaning and oiling air filters is laborious but it's essential. Our air filter procedure is always a mess so we grabbed a Motul Air Filter Wash Kit to keep things a little more organised.

I feel like my method of washing air filters is always more hassle than it needs to be. I can never find the turps and I’m always losing my empty ice cream bucket to wash it in. So I decided to invest in a Motul Air Filter Wash Kit, mainly because I can keep everything in one place! Sure, you could probably make one yourself but after doing the math, there wasn’t much difference if I just bought this one. Plus, I didn’t risk pissing off the missus when I stole her baking rack.

This kit contains everything you require to stay on top of your air filter maintenance. It has Motul Air Filter Oil which is top quality stuff and the oil of choice for Sherco, which is the bike I’m running at the moment. Motul claim it retains dust, mud and sand for greater engine durability and is great at preventing water from entering the filter. The Motul Air Filter Wash Kit comes with Motul Grease, which is a multi-purpose high performance grease for the edge of your filter to make sure you have a good seal. It has some Motul Filter Clean which is better than turps because it doesn’t destroy the foam as bad while still getting all the bad stuff out. It has a drying rack which you lay down inside the bucket to separate it from the sediment collecting at the bottom. It obviously comes with the bucket and a container to store your excessive Air Filter Oil, ready for reuse.

So far it has been effective at cleaning my air filters and also keeping all my bits in a handy space! More to come.

Mitch Lees





Full story in issue #529 of ADB.