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After nearly a year with the Nitro Mousse Platinum and Plushie in the Sherco 300 SE Factory long termer, we check in to see how they were going.

If you’ve never run a set of Nitro Mousse Tubes, you need to give them a go, they’re that good. I know they’re expensive but I feel the benefits outweigh the cost with the Nitro Mousse Platinum and Plushie options.

If you don’t know what a mousse tube is, it’s essentially a foam donut that replaces your inner tube so you never have to worry about flat tyres ever again. Plus they allow your trye to belly out a little which means more traction. They’re made from proprietary elastomers that have millions of nitrogen charged micro-cells.

I chose the Plushie tube for the rear which feels like six to eight PSI and the Platinum for the front which feels like 10 to 12 PSI. Here’s what we liked about the Nitro Mousse Platinum and Plushie.

We liked

Traction The soft mousse allows the trye to flex more and conform to the ground. I would say you get twice as much traction as you do with a tube with 14 to 15 PSI in it.

Durable People get scared that a mousse tube will only last one ride. Well the Nitro Mousse tubes are the best I’ve tested for longevity and mine have over 30 hours on them.

Worry-free Not having to think about pressure when I get out of the car to ride or worry about punctures while riding is awesome.

Combination The last time I ran Nitro Mousse Tubes I ran a Plushie front and rear. This time I opted for a Platinum up front which is a little firmer so it is in better condition now than the Plushie and will last longer. Plus, I think I get better feel in fast corners.

We didn’t like

Fitting Mousse tubes in general are hard to fit to your tyre and bike.

Price These tubes aren’t cheap but there are more expensive options.


If you can afford these Nitro Mousse Tubes, go for it. They’re better in every way over standard tubes. Sure there might be some people who don’t like them at speed or in the heat but for everything else they’re excellent for traction and peace of mind.

Mitch Lees



$219.95 Plushie rear

$219.95 Platinum front



(07) 3277 0675