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Ready Ramp Cargo Barrier | Product Evaluations

Ready Ramp is a tri-fold motorcycle ramp that doubles as a cargo cage to keep all your gear secure in the back of your ute.

We have a 2014 Toyota Hilux SR5, and after loading the bikes the ramp is easily converted into a cage to keep all you loose items from flying out the back.

The Ready Ramp is designed to suit the specifications of each manufacturer’s ute try. This ensures a snug fit and no chance of items sliding out the side.

When converted into a cage, the ramp is held in by four easy-to-use straps, two on each end, that hook onto your tailgate clips.


GUARD: The Ready Ramp is better than the guards at Buckingham Palace, keeping everything from escaping. Even on bumpy roads the Ready Ramp is tall and wide enough to stop things from jumping out.

FIT: The Ready Ramp fits like a glove in the back of a Toyota Hilux SR5. The sides line up perfectly with the sides of the tub and the length across the tailgate ensures you get to use the entire width of the tailgate.

TIE IT DOWN: We found it easier to only use one tiedown for each end of the ramp, tying it off to the tailgate latch. There is the option of two tiedown points at each end but we’ve only needed the one.

RAMP: I’ve never been a huge fan of tri-fold ramps, despite them packing up shorter, because they often have an arch in the middle that means you’re pushing up hill. But the Ready is flat and uses a strong set of hinges that haven’t bent or buckled.

WIDTH: The Ready Ramp is wider than your average ramp and equivalent to two pieces of 4X2 so you’ll never find a wheel wandering off the edge when you’re loading and unloading.


PRICE: If Ready Ramp could get the price down to $300 I think it would be a lot more affordable for punters who just run the ol’ piece of wood.

FINGER SNAPPER: Many single-fold ramps have a handle at the hinge to grab when folding the ramp that keeps your fingers away from moving parts. Whenever folding the Ready Ramp, just remember you’ve got two hinges to think about!

WEAR AND TEAR: If you don’t have a tub liner like the one in our HiLux, just remember the ramp will rub on the tailgate (as we found out on a vehicle without a liner) and scratch the duco pretty bad.

The Ready Ramp is a favourite among the staff at ADB. After 12 months, the hinge mechanism still operates smoothly and we’ve avoided losing any bits out the back of the ute. The lightweight ramp has not bowed or rusted. It isn’t a necessity but it makes life a lot easier when loading and transporting bikes.

Price: $410 delivered
Who: MaddJamm Pty Ltd