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2011 Suzuki RM-Z250 | Back End

Dave Miller bought the 2011 Suzuki RM-Z250 because he wanted a well-handling machine with enough power for his skill level.

Dave Miller’s 2011 Suzuki RM-Z250

Why I bought it?

I like Suzuki’s and their crisp feel, and the RM-Z250 is renowned for its handling. I went for the 250 because I only have a couple of years riding under my belt, so the quarter-litre’s power is more than enough for me. I reckon they are ready to race out of the box, with no real upgrades required. Even the stock handlebar and footpegs are great.

How it’s performed?

It does more for me than I can do for it! It handles really well, and it goes even better with some tweaking of the suspension to suit my not-so-light weight. Still, as my riding improves, the bike is getting better. The fuel-injected 250cc motor is deceptively fast and it holds up to the 450s I race against pretty well. The RM-Z can be pointed
and pinned.

The Maintenance regime.

With only 20 hours it’s just been the basics: fresh oil and fresh air filter. When I first got it I stripped it down and greased the head set, swingarm and linkage really well. Running a set of race wheels has kept the cost of tyres down, plus it means it’s really easy to keep the wheel bearings clean and greased. Swapping wheels is better than swapping tubes.

Should you buy one?

Yes. It is a great ride that lives up to the reputation. It is ready to race out of the box, and built with quality parts. The 250 engine is perfect for a guy like me that has to gather more track time. It’s lighter and more manageable than the big-dog 450s, but fast enough to keep them honest. Yes I would recommend the RM-Z250: I’m seriously having a fat time on mine.

What I did.

• Ash’s Spoked Wheels rims
• Five Three Designs sticker kit
• Zeta levers
• 50-tooth Vortex sprocket
• Works Connection skid plate
• Costanzo-tuned suspension
• Works Connection holeshot button