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Beta RR 300 2015-2018: USED BIKE REVIEW | Bike Reviews | Used Bikes

The Beta RR 300 two-stroke is popular among the trailriding community in Australia due to its easy-to-ride nature.

The Beta RR 300 has an engine that produces plenty of torque and power but is manageable enough to make riding all day easy.

The chassis is nimble and comfortable due to the brand’s trials heritage but still solid enough to perform in racing conditions.

The Sachs suspension might leave an A-grade rider wanting more but they can now buy the Racing version with KYB gear. For everyday trail riding the standard model handles quite well.

For the most part, the 300 is very reliable but there are a few problems I see. The Europeans are making very good bikes but they could learn a thing or two from Japanese electrics. The Japanese finish their wiring harnesses off much more neatly. I have seen the Beta wiring rub on the frame, causing shorts.

If you own a Beta RR 300, take some cable ties and secure the harness better so it doesn’t rub underneath the fuel tank. I have also seen a few engines get dusted because the air filters were fitted incorrectly.

The filter might look like it is fitted correctly but it can sit up in the corner, allowing dust to pass straight through. I’ve also seen a few issues with the two-stroke oil injection leaking, which could lead to the engine running out of oil and failing if you don’t notice the low oil warning light.

When looking at a second-hand Beta RR 300, ask for service or repair records. If the engine has a significant number of hours on it then the bike should have had a piston kit put in at some stage. Be sure to check with the owner to see if this has been done.

Ride the bike and make sure it selects all gears and the clutch does not slip.

Check that the electric starter works well as these can be expensive to fix under the motor.

Check all the wheel and frame bearings for excessive play and watch the fork and shock for leaks. Push the suspension up and down and make sure it moves freely. Pay special attention to the rear suspension and make sure that the swingarm bearings have not seized.

Take a look in the airbox and make sure the filter and ’box are clean. This is a guide as to whether the bike has been looked after or not. Take a good look over the wiring for wear marks and check the oil injection for leaks.

Make sure you ride the bike and that it rides well with no rattles or odd noises. And if you decide to part with some cash for a Beta RR 300 then enjoy it. Tech Ed Mat Boyd

Price Guide

2015 $11,990
2016 $11,990
2017 $11,990
2018 $12,390
Second Hand
2015 $6350 – $7550
2016 $6550 – $7750
2017 $7150 – $8500
2018 $7900 – $9350