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If you're sick and tired of busting the stock blinkers on your trail or enduro bike, Click ’N’ Ride removable indicators are a product that will definitely pique your interest.

What makes them different to run-of-the-mill OEM indicators? A couple of things: they’re smaller and more compact than the majority of standard indicators. And they’re quickly removable, meaning you can simply un-click them from their mounting sockets when you’re riding in the bush.

These flashers are second-generation units featuring quality Phillips LEDs and a more durable mounting system.

COMPACT: These indicators are compact, being way smaller and better tucked in than the stockers on the Honda CRF450L we fitted them to.
BRIGHT: Even though the size is smaller, the Phillips LEDs are bright, so no need to worry about other road users not being able to see your signals.
DUST SEALS: A good inclusion, as dust and moisture could easily clog up the ‘click’ action.
UNCLICK ’EM: These indicators are so easy to remove: just turn and pull them out. They’re small enough to stash in your bumbag or backpack but Click ’N’ Ride even offers a storage pouch.
RESISTORS: Some bikes will need LED resistors wired into the leads to the indicators to get them to flash correctly. The CRF450L needed them at the back. Click ’N’ Ride offers them.
DURABLE: The Click ’N’ Ride indicators have withstood over 1000km of abuse and have come through with flying colours. Due to the rear-guard design I had to mount the rear sockets to the plate hanger and, as they were out in the breeze, I feared they would be smashed by rocks and trail trash but they’ve withstood the pounding.
WEBSITE: The website deserves a mention: it’s full of excellent product and technical info.

INSTALLATION: Putting the Click ’N’ Ride indicators on the CRF450L was more involved than anticipated. Small brackets had to be made for the front indicators to mount them to the headlight surround, while the dual rear guards meant I had to mounting them to the rego plate hanger. The units come with bullet wiring connectors while the 450L uses multi-pin connectors, so there was a fair bit of mucking about with wire strippers and a crimping tool.

These Click ’N’ Ride indicators have delivered as promised and are a good fit for the CRF450L and the dualsport riding I’ve been doing on it. I use the bike on the streets and certainly don’t want to attract attention from the boys in blue by riding a dirtbike without indicators. But then when I want to have a solid snot-fest session on singletrack, the Click ’N’ Rides can be removed and safely tucked in my backpack. At $149 for a set of four, they’re more expensive than cheapy accessory indicators, but these are not cheap rubbish. ADV Ed Andrew Clubb

Get It Here
BILL: Indicators $149.95 (four pack), resistors $14.95 (pair), pouch $12.95
BLOWER: (02) 6430 8616