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Factory ride Cody Webb’s Beta 300 RR | Back End

We look back at Cody Webb's 2014 Beta 300 RR...

The rider: CODY WEBB

I feel very comfortable on the Beta 300 RR. The light and “flickable” feel of the 300 two-stroke plays into my riding style, even though I’m usually very smooth. The low end torque of the 300 is similar to the four-strokes but handles nothing like it’s big stepsister. Because it is so light, and it makes so much power down low when you get yourself in trouble, it’s much easier to get yourself out of trouble. Setting up my bike for the extreme events is different to an Endurocross or cross country. We spent a lot of time making sure we have the right suspension setting, but it’s a one-off setting that we never use again.

The mechanic: Alan Stillwell

For extreme races, the main priority is making sure the bike will survive the race. These events are so tough on the machine, that we have to bullet proof it with guards. As for the suspension, the settings I do for extreme races like the Tennessee Knockout are completely different from Cody’s Endurocross suspension settings. I do a one-off setting on the fork for these races, and a one-off setting on the FOX shock. The fork is a one-off deal because I have put Öhlins cartridges in the stock Beta tubes.

The team manager: Alan Stillwell

I watched Cody ride the 2010 Vegas Endurocross on another brand and saw his potential, I immediately spoke with the Beta factory and we were able to put together a deal for 2011-2012. I was very happy Cody re-signed with our team through 2014 as his skills have progressed at an amazing rate. The kid has been putting in the hard work to reach his goals; laps at the motocross tracks, hitting rocks on his trials bike, and conditioning. Honestly, I feel sorry for those other guys out there that do not have trials experience.


1. Stillwell bumps up the compression to get a little bit more pop out of the motor
2. Webb also uses a Rekluse manual clutch for Endurocross and extreme races
3. As for the tyres, Webb uses a factory Dunlop “gummy” rear tyre, and a Dunlop MX51 on the front.
4. RAD hubs and Excel A60 heavy-duty spokes are used on the wheels
5. Miscellaneous items include ARC levers, Dirt Tricks sprockets and Fastway pegs.

Cody Webb's 2014 Beta 300 RR

Cody Webb's 2014 Beta 300 RR

Cody Webb's 2014 Beta 300 RR