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Montesa 4RT 260 | Reader's Ride

Two-stroke trials bikes are all the rage so we take a look at something different. A four-stroke 260 from Montesa, which belongs to ADB reader Glen Curry.

WHAT Montesa 4RT 260
WHO Glen Curry
WHERE I GOT IT A dealer in NSW
HOW MUCH $10,500

Why I bought it
I’d been riding two-strokes for quite a long time and I’d sort of fallen out with trials a little bit. I was getting bored and wanted to try something new. A four-stroke is a very different trials bike. Montesa makes a four-stroke, as does Beta, but there are really no other four-strokes. The world champion (Toni Bou) rides one of these, but they’re still not a particularly popular bike.

What I did to It
I haven’t done a whole lot to the bike. I’ve put a custom-made Trials UK bashplate on, I’ve put an hour meter on, tweaked the throttle body a little bit, just to get a little bit more power, but other than that, it’s pretty much out of the crate.

How Does It Go?
Changing from a two-stroke trials bike to a four-stroke, you almost start from scratch again. It’s completely different. You’ve got to get your weight right back on these, otherwise they just spin out in the mud, but providing you do that, they’re pretty good. There is definitely less power, particularly at the bottom end, but you get used to that. It’s a lot more controllable power and it’s very good on the back wheel too.

Should I Buy One?
I would recommend this bike to other riders. They are an excellent bike for clubmen if you’re riding in the lower grades. For the upper grades, they’re probably lacking a little bit in power. They’re also a little heavier than a two-stroke. But you can modify them. If you really like them, you can spend another two to three thousand to get them running very well.

with Dylan Ruddy

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