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REVIEW: Dirty Racks Bike Carrier | Product Evaluations

Don't be fooled by the low-brow name, this motorcycle carrier is anything but crude.

Not only is it Australian made, but it’s constructed from mild steel and comes with a loading ramp and LED taillights.

The carrier slides into the towbar receiver and, in the case of this Ford Maverick, the loaded bike easily clears the rear window and spare tyre but accessing the cargo area of the vehicle requires hopping over the seats. It is light and can be easily connected to the towbar receiver by one person. The biggest benefit of a motorcycle carrier like this is that you don’t have to tow a trailer or register one.

Speaking of registration, we use our spare plate and bolt it to the rack and, at this stage, have had no issues from the boys in blue. Although, we are unsure of the legality as each state’s laws differ.

The Dirty Rack comes with a ramp that allows you to easily roll the bike up onto the carrier, where a slot locates the front wheel. We couldn’t find anywhere to store the ramp on the rack so you have to find somewhere else for it when it is not in use.

The rack rocks a little while driving but we have not lost a bike or smashed the rear window. Mitch Lees

Get It Here
Bill: $357
Facebook: Dirty Racks Fabrications
Blower: 0439 851 559