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The Rules Of Backyard Motocross | The Redmond Files

Backyard Motocross is talked about in secrecy as it carries the same outlaw status as Fight Club. But like Fight Club it too has rules, Redmond explains.

Rules and regulations of Backyard Motocross
1. There are no rules.

2. Any crash performed in third gear or higher, followed by a remount earns the rider 25 championship points.

3. A rider attending 2 AMA events in 2 days (Sat & Sun) receives 25 championship points.

4. Any rider on a new machine gets 25 championship points.

5. Racing a  two-stroke machine is 25 championship points.

6. Racing on wife/girlfriend’s birthday is instant 25 points.

7. Any single act of gross stupidity on bike is 25 points, if the stupidity is really good the judges may award the day’s event to rider.

8. If a bike swap in done and you overtake the owner on his own bike you get 25 points.

9. Any motorbike rider gets 25 points.

10. The rider with the oldest, smelliest and cheapest riding gear gets 25 points.

11. Not following these rules gets ya 25 points.

12. A vomit performed with helmet on is 25 championship points.

13. Riding a bike 10+ years old is 25 championship points.

14. First crash of event is 25 points.

15. Putting eight or more hours on bike in two days is 25 points.

16. Rider who takes first shout at bar post race is 25 points.

17. Getting flicked over handlebars is 25 points.

18. In the unlikly event of having to double another rider home. Managing to flick your passenger off bike during pillion transit is 25 points.

19. Riding in shorts is 25 points.

20. Best fart is 25 points.

Photo: Simon Cudby