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Back End | Used Bikes

Back End / Used Bikes
09 March 2016

1983 Suzuki RM250

By the time the ‘83 Suzuki RM250 was released it had years of development behind it. The shocks were gone and the fins on the barrel had been traded for a radiator and coolant.

Back End / Used Bikes
12 November 2015

Honda CRF150F (2009-2011)

The Honda CRF150F is designed for riders not into serious racing but going out and having fun. Its decent build means riders of all sizes can enjoy it

Back End / Used Bikes
28 August 2015

1989-2003 Honda XRV750

In 1984 Honda and its HRC racing division decided to develop a motorcycle to compete in long-distance overland races such as the Paris-Dakar.

Back End / Used Bikes
18 July 2015

Honda CRF450R (2009-12)

The CRF450R has long been known for being one of the best handling 450s, if not the best. Honda has always known exactly where to stuff all the components in the chassis to make the bike feel fast.

Back End / Used Bikes
16 May 2015

Kawasaki KX125 (1999-2001)

The KX125 won three straight AMA 125cc National Championships in the hands of superstar Ricky Carmichael from 1997-99 and Kawasaki soon set to work upgrading the production bike.

Back End / Used Bikes
11 May 2015

KTM 450 SX (2004-07)

The 2004 KTM 450SX started out as a single-overhead-camshaft engine with a kickstarter but by 2007 had been that had been transformed into a DOHC, electric-start motor.

Back End / Used Bikes
04 May 2015

Honda CR125 (2002-04)

The CR125 was never the most desirable bike. The aluminium chassis was described as one of the best handling 125 chassis of all time but riders complained that the CR didn’t have enough power.

Back End / Used Bikes
24 March 2015

BMW GS 1200 Used Bike Review

Buying used: Since its introduction in 2004 BMW’s R 1200 GS hasn’t just made waves, it’s owned the heavyweight adventure tourer segment.

Back End / Used Bikes
26 February 2015

VOR EN-E 530

VOR, which stands for Vertemati Offroad Racing, is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer mostly known for building off-road motorcycles.