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Back End | Used Bikes

Back End / Used Bikes
18 June 2019

USED BIKE: 2014 - 2017 KTM 350EXC

THE 2014-2017 KTM 350EXC has been a favourite among enduro riders and hasn’t come in for massive changes during its production run.

Back End / Used Bikes
31 May 2019

USED BIKE: 2006–2009 Aprilia RXV450

On paper, the Aprilia RXV450 sounds like a tech fest; it’s a fuel-injected, V-twin enduro bike with a composite frame that looks like it came out of a roadie.

Back End / Used Bikes
08 May 2019

2014-17 YAMAHA YZ450F

The Yamaha YZ450F is quite an usual bike, with the cylinder turned around so that the intake is at the front and the exhaust comes out of the back.

Back End / Used Bikes
20 February 2019

USED BIKE: 2013-2016 Suzuki RM-Z450

The Suzuki RM-Z450 was the first production motocrosser to be fitted with electronic fuel injection. It burst onto the scene in winning fashion, dominating U.S. racing with Ricky Carmichael.

Back End / Used Bikes
02 November 2018

Used Bike: 2013-2017 Honda CRF250R

WITH THE ARRIVAL of Honda’s DOHC CRF250R, it’s high time we took a look at its single-cam predecessor. The Unicam engine has been a major player in Honda’s range since XRs roamed the Earth.

Back End / Used Bikes
25 October 2018

2007-11 KAWASAKI KLX250S

THE KLX250S IS THE ultimate dualsport for a beginner on a budget. They are learner legal and learner friendly.

Back End / Used Bikes
20 September 2018

USED BIKE: 2012-2015 Kawasaki KX450F

THE KX450F WAS a dominant weapon between 2012 and 2015 with Ryan Villopoto. More importantly, it won the ADB 450cc motocross shootout in 2013.

Back End / Used Bikes
18 September 2018

Yamaha PW50: USED BIKE REVIEW 2010-2014

The Yamaha PW50 is one of those bikes that is just timeless. It has been around forever and will continue to be around for a long time yet.

Back End / Used Bikes
16 June 2017

Used Bike: 2012-2015 KX250F

The KX250F has been a winner for many years, having taken championships on every continent, and a few on other planets.

Back End / Used Bikes
08 June 2017

Ivan Long’s Husqvarna FE450

We take a look at Ivan Long's Husqvarna FE450 desert weapon.

Back End / Used Bikes
15 May 2017

1982 Kawasaki AE80

The Kawasaki AE80 belongs to an almost forgotten classification, that of the “midi” bike.

Back End / Used Bikes
17 March 2017

Heritage Bike: 1978 Kawasaki KL250

In 1978, Kawasaki decided it was time to produce a four-stroke trailbike to take on the Honda XL250 and meet expected emission laws.