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We've attempted to secure our test bikes by literally bolting them to the ground. Here's our test on the Oxford Docking Station and Chain.

There are essentially two options for keeping your bike safe, one is locking it up the other is tracking it. We’ve done both. Cameras and spot lights might be a good deterrent for thieves but they won’t stop your bike from leaving and if it does, you don’t know where it’s gone. The Oxford Docking Station and Chain are the ultimate bike theft deterrents.

To try and prevent my Sherco 300 SE Factory from leaving the garage in the first place I have employed the services of the Oxford Docking Station and the two metre Oxford Heavy Duty chain. The Oxford Docking Station is made from forged hardened steel and incorporates its own in-built locking bar to retain a chain and can be wall or floor mounted.

I bolted my dock to the ground and as I’m not a tradie, using a hammer drill on floor concrete was a mission! I went through two drill bits and almost fried my Milwaukee M18 drill. But I got there in the end and once bolted down with the anchor bolts it comes with, I couldn’t budge it! To stop thieves simply unbolting it, Oxford gives you a ball bearing to smash into the hex head and a cap to go over the top.

The Oxford HD chain (which also comes with a mid-range lock) is a hardened 9.5mm square link chain which is heavy and tough. The lock is a double locking padlock with a hardened steel shackle which doubles as a disc lock. I haven’t tried to cut the chain yet but it’s is incredibly tough and anyone dumb enough to start up an angle grinder and steal a bike would have to be ballsy.

Stay tuned as we see how the docking station working parts go and if the chain corrodes.

 Mitch Lees



Chain and lock $99.90

Docking Station $249.00