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Back End | Product Evaluations
Back End / Product Evaluations
31 March 2018


Alpinestars has been making boots for decades and it’s got very good at it. I haven’t been in a set of Astars for nearly four years.

Back End / Product Evaluations
30 March 2018


If I had a dollar for the number of black rims I see at moto meets I’d be a millionaire, so we figured we’d get on the band wagon and rim up!

Back End / Product Evaluations
28 March 2018


Pirelli has revamped its popular MX32 Mid/Hard tyres using feedback from MXGP and AMA riders.

Back End / Product Evaluations
27 March 2018


We've been running Waeco fridges for nearly a decade. They’re reliable, keep what we need cold and are pretty robust. The only problem we’ve had was a busted lid!

Back End / Product Evaluations
23 March 2018

JUST1 J12 Helmet

Sometimes you know you’re onto a quality lid the moment you unbox it. That’s what I thought when I first laid eyes on the latest Just 1 off-road helmet called the J12.

Back End / Product Evaluations
31 October 2017

Akrapovic Titanium Slip-On

A SLIP-ON MUFFLER is a must mod for a lot of dirtbike riders. The promise of more power, factory looks and a sweet sound makes handing over the cash a no-brainer.

Back End / Product Evaluations
22 October 2017

Zac Speed Matrix Tool Pack

THE ZAC SPEED toolbag is a compact and versatile bag from the Configr8 series. The word versatile might seem strange to describe a toolbag, but hear me out.

Back End / Product Evaluations
20 October 2017


IT SEEMS LIKE there are a million helmets to choose from nowadays thanks to the more relaxed import rules so safety has to be the number one priority when making your choice.

Back End / Product Evaluations
17 May 2017

Rack N Roll Bike Carrier

We’ve been using the Queensland-made Rack N Roll for a few months with good results. It mounts straight onto a standard Haymen Reese-style square towbar receiver.

Back End / Product Evaluations
08 May 2017

Sony 4K Ultra HD Action Cam

THE ACTION CAMERA market is a tough one to crack but Sony has had a red-hot go with its 4K Action Cam.

Back End / Product Evaluations
05 May 2017

Nolan N53 Off-Road Helmet

I’D BEEN ENTHUSIASTICALLY awaiting the arrival of the Nolan off-road lids so when Grant Sammut from Ron Angel flicked me one, I headed out for a ride straight away.

Back End / Product Evaluations
03 May 2017

The Chain Monkey

The principal of the Chain Monkey is to provide the correct slack in the chain using the Monkey and then set the chain adjusters on both sides of the swingarm tight and even.