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Scott Hydro Roamer Pack | Product Evaluations

Most people who ride with me know I am a bit of a camel and don’t take much to drink but I do like to cart a few snacks, car keys and my mobile.

The last few rides I have just squeezed it all into my bumbag. This doesn’t always work that great as, every second ride or so, a screwdriver likes to stab my gels, creating a lovely mess.

So I decided to get a more appropriate setup and Ficeda has hooked me up with a Scott Hydro Roamer Pack that has multiple pockets but also comes with a two-litre bladder.
The Roamer Pack feels light at 400g but has a combined storage volume of 12 litres so there is a hip belt to stop it moving around. Construction is H/T 210D Nylon Double R/S W/R, 1000MM with a polyester lining.

The Scott shoulder straps are one of my main concerns as I have had previous backpacks where the straps rubbed on the plates on my collarbones so I am keen to fill it up and hit some trails. I will use it for my next torture test at Wildwood. Ben Grabham

Get it here
BILL $99.95
BLOWER 1300 437 711